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Kwak Pipe Duck Call (No Longer Available)

ShareA variation of our signature duck call, the Kwak Pipe has the same outward appearance as our original call, but with a different internal cut. The result is a mid range to open water call with the capability for close up work too. It has great highs and raspy ducky lows.

Includes our killer Spit Channeled tone board for stick proof performance.

So admire our mallard duck call for its unsurpassed precision and timeless craftsmanship, but don't be afraid to hunt her hard. Our duck call will put more ducks in your decoys, and meat on your table. Select from several wicked colors which feature colored inserts and gin clear barrels - Blue Crush, Cash Green, Fire Red, Malibu Blue, Moonshine, Tequila, Tonic, and Whiskey .

Available in easy to use single reed (SR) or double reed (DR) call designs, it's your choice. Each call ordered includes a hard case, soft case, and Kwakman Calls decal. Give us a holler to get your Kwakman Calls mallard duck call today, and fool more ducks.

  • Duck Call - Kwak Pipe - Blue Crush
  • Duck Call - Kwak Pipe - Cash Green
  • Duck Call - Kwak Pipe - Spit Channeled Tone Board
  • Duck Call - Kwak Pipe - Fire Red
  • Duck Call - Kwak Pipe - Malibu Blue
  • Duck Call - Kwak Pipe - Moonshine
  • Duck Call - Kwak Pipe - Tequila
  • Duck Call - Kwak Pipe - Tonic
  • Duck Call - Kwak Pipe - Whiskey

Mallard Duck Call Features

  • True single reed duck call, yet runs as easy as a double reed call
  • Won't stick, freeze or squeal
  • Innovative spit channeled tone board
  • Amazing fit and function
  • Turned from solid acrylic bar stock to .0005 tolerances
  • Stainless steel band, engravable for personalizing
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