Teal Duck Call


Teal Duck Call


Our Teal Call is a raspy little double reed perfect for working teal over your decoys for limits of the little rockets. Machined from solid acrylic and mated with a double o-ring sealed insert for a lifetime of hunting use.

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Teal Duck Call Features

  • Calls teal ducks - green-winged, blue-winged, and cinnamon

  • Amazing fit and function

  • Double o-ring sealed insert

  • Solid acrylic construction will last a lifetime

  • Turned from solid acrylic bar stock to .0005 tolerances

So if you want a killer teal call to call teal from the horizon, and decoy them into your spread, look no further than a Kwakman Calls teal call. You will be sure to get the last word. Available in Blueberry / Frost color combo.

Each call ordered includes a hard case, soft case, and Kwakman Calls decal. Call more teal, drop us a line to get yours today.