Hang your Calls

Top shelf lanyard.

ShareCustom, handmade duck and goose call lanyards crafted by hardcore waterfowler Joey Moore. We looked long and hard for a quality lanyard to complement our calls, and Moore Fowl Lanyards are the best around. Available exclusively from Kwakman Calls.

Tough, comfortable, and attractive with an added brass casing accent. Offered in several hunt ready Kwakman Calls Signature Series colors, including a special lanyard for the ladies - Black / White, Blue / Black, Coyote Brown / Rust, Hot Pink / Black, Kwakman Orange / Black, Kwakman Orange / Green, OD Green / Black, and Rust / Black - or select your own custom colors and have a lanyard designed just for you. Hang the best calls on the best lanyard, get your Moore Fowl lanyard today.

  • Lanyard - Black / White
  • Lanyard - Blue / Black
  • Lanyard - Coyote Brown / Rust
  • Lanyard - Hot Pink / Black
  • Lanyard - Kwakman Orange / Black
  • Lanyard - Kwakman Orange / Green
  • Lanyard - OD Green / Black
  • Lanyard - Rust / Black

Lanyard Features

  • Handmade from durable materials which will last a lifetime
  • Comfortable design for frequent use in the field
  • Single and double call drops for hunting flexibility
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  • Attractive shotshell brass casing accent (patent pending) compliments the design
  • Custom lanyard colors available on request (please allow up to two weeks for delivery)


Lanyard Colors Matrix