Kwakman Calls - duck, whistle, speck, goose, and predator calls

Welcome to Kwakman Calls where you always get the last word. Our calls (duck, whistle, speck, goose, and predator) are precision machined for flawless performance right here in Petaluma, California. We have a rich hunting heritage, as well as decades of design and machining experience which lends to producing top quality waterfowl and predator calls. Read the details about us to learn more about our story.

Our calls are designed with a single objective - to help you decoy more ducks and geese into your decoys, and predators into your sights. They not only look and feel amazing, they are an outstanding value to boot.

We offer many models to choose from, so you'll find a call or two that's just right for you - whether you prefer blistering fast, grinding slow, finesse, screaming loud, high pitched, or deep and low -  we make it. No matter if you are calling on one of our mallard duck calls, solid acrylic duck whistle, sassy teal call, wood duck call, wicked speck calls, canada goose calls, or clever predator calls - you will be dropping ducks and geese into your decoys, and pounding predators into the ground in no time.

In the end, with a Kwakman call you always get the last word - so take a look around, then pick up your favorites today.

Order your Calls TodayDuck Calls

Duck CallFrom single to double reed mallard duck calls, and unique reed hybrids, we have a call that fits you. Many of our calls feature performance enhanced tone board designs, with stick resistant qualities. We offer fully acrylic calls with stainless steel bands, as well as wicked duck calls with custom molded inserts that won't break the bank.

Discover your favorite style and colors, and maybe consider adding a personalized engraving to your selection as well. Fool more ducks, read on to learn more.     duck calls

Whistle - Teal - Wood Duck Calls

Flexible 5-in-1 duck and quail whistle call - effectively calls wigeon, pintail, teal, and drake mallard whistling ducks, as well as quail. Machined from solid acrylic, it will last you a lifetime. Easy to use, clever construction makes adjusting whistle call pitch changes, fast and easy. Outsmart more wigeon and pintail, as well as the other whistling ducks.

Though the ducks are small, our teal call is loaded with big features. Machined to precision tolerances, and double o-ring sealed, she features a micro grooved performance enhanced tone board for finishing the flying rockets.

Wood ducks are spunky creatures, and our wood duck call is as well. Purposely designed, and turned from solid acrylic, she runs sweet for decoying woodies into your hole. Read on to learn more about our specialty whistle, teal, and wood duck calls.     whistle, teal, and wood duck calls

Speck Calls

Folding up specks over the decoys is an unforgettable sight. Our recommendation - reload, and repeat. Our speck calls are designed and built from the ground up to encourage those experiences - from the large bore guts and innovative one piece tone boards, to the small-framed explosive sound, our speck calls hit all the right notes, and are easy to run as well.

Though our acrylic speck calls are an outstanding value, we also offer our custom designed and molded insert for a mind blowing deal. Call specks from the heavens, and decoy them into your spread - discover our models today.     speck calls

Goose Calls

Our goose calls are everything you want - precision machined, and hand tuned. We offer about half a dozen models, catering to your specific needs. Whether you are targeting the heavies and want deep and goosey, or prefer fast and wicked for their smaller cousins, or maybe you dig something in between - we have your number.

These are hunters' short reed goose calls designed to call geese with authority. Choose your preferred model and colors, and maybe add a custom engraved name or logo too. Talk more geese into your field - look around, then pick out your favorite.     goose calls

Predator Calls

Predator CallKwakman predator calls are just what the doctor ordered for a day spent in the field, ridding your area of those pesky, duck stealing thieves. Our calls imitate a jack rabbit in distress to lure predators into your sights, and put them to bed. Save your ducks and geese - read on to learn more.     predator calls

Check out all of our calls (duck calls, whistle calls, speck calls, goose calls, and predator calls) to learn more - and always get the last word.