Kwakman Calls - duck, whistle, speck, goose, and predator calls.

Welcome to Kwakman Calls where you always get the last word. All of our calls (duck, whistle, speck, goose, and predator) are precision machined for flawless performance to help you put more birds in your decoys, or predators in your sights. Our calls not only look and feel amazing, they flat out work.

Here at Kwakman Calls, we feel the only judges we have to impress have feathers or fur. So no matter if you are calling on our flagship mallard duck call, solid acrylic 5-in-1 duck whistle, wicked speck or goose calls, or clever predator call, you will be dropping ducks and geese into your decoys, or predators into the ground in no time.

Just remember, with a Kwakman call you always get the last word, so take a look around, then pick up yours today.

Whistle Call - Amber AleDuck Call

Duck CallFrom its ease of operation to its innovative spit removing tone board, Kwakman Calls signature mallard duck call was designed and built from the ground up. And similar to a great labrador retriever, she's not only beautiful to watch, she was built to hunt. So admire our mallard duck call for its unsurpassed precision and timeless craftsmanship...     duck call

Whistle Call

Flexible 5-in-1 duck and quail whistle call - effectively calls wigeon, pintail, teal, and drake mallard whistling ducks, as well as quail too. Easy to use, clever construction makes adjusting whistle call pitch to change tone on the fly...     whistle call

Speck Call

Like all of our goose calls crafted at Kwakman Calls, our speck call is designed and built from the ground up. From its innovative one piece acrylic tone board to its small-frame explosive sound, our speck call hits all the right notes, and is easy to run. So if you want a killer speck call to call specks from the heavens, and decoy them into your spread, look no further than a Kwakman Calls...     speck call

Goose Call

Kwakman goose calls are everything you want - all acrylic, precision machined, and hand tuned. Designed and built from the ground up like all of our calls, they'll help you talk to more geese in the field. This is a hunter's short reed goose call that calls geese with...     goose call

Predator Call

Predator CallKwakman predator calls are just what the doctor ordered for a day spent in the field, ridding your area of those pesky duck stealing thieves. Predator call imitates a jack rabbit in distress to lure predators into your sights, and put them to bed. Save your ducks and geese in the off season - pick up a predator call, find a...     predator call

Check out all of our calls (duck call, whistle call, speck call, goose call, and predator call) to help ensure you always get the last word.