Die makers by trade. Hunters by heritage.

Kwakman Calls is a division of A & G Tool & Die, Inc. which was founded over six decades ago. Both machining and hunting run deep in our family, and Kwakman Calls is the natural evolution of our combined interests.

Early Beginnings

Founded in 1946 my father George Peterson, A & G Tool & Die, Inc. has seen it all.

We have worked on everything from artificial heart valves to dies for gun parts, and a host of other odd and exciting ventures. It has been a remarkable journey, and I was fortunate enough to be mentored early on by a spectacular teacher, my father, for a unique and lost art.

Our Shop: Made in America

Our shop includes a complete array of American made machining equipment.  You'll find no imported equipment at Kwakman Calls!  Our equipment includes multiple mills, lathes, drills, grinders, polishers, and an arsenal of related testing and inspection equipment. All of our machines and inspection equipment are ISO 2000 certified to hold and repeat close tolerances.

Simply put, we are 100% in-house from prototype to production, including tool design, heat treating, and finishing.

The benefit to you is a selection of high-quality, precision-made calls at fair prices.


Hunting Heritage

Whether it is sharing a blind with an old time duck-man, or pursuing bucks in the high country, the hunting heritage runs deep in my blood. I have been fishing and hunting with my family for as long as I can remember.  From the time I could shoulder a shotgun I was gunning for ducks or other game with my father. I owe my father not only my trade, but also my hunting career.

I started hunting ducks in Tomales Bay when I was nine, then the Petaluma River and Suisun marshes, and now the Butte Sink. I hunt primarily in California, and have hunted in many other states as well.

Kwakman Calls: For Hunters, by Hunters

With three decades of experience as a tool and die maker, and a lifelong passion for hunting, I founded Kwakman Calls to design and build superior duck, goose, and predator calls.

Today, I'm proud to offer my best calls to fellow hunters across the country.  Checkout the shop, or give me a holler.

Always get the last word,

Rich Peterson

Founder, Kwakman Calls