Kwakman Calls Staff

The Kwakman Calls prostaff is a cross section of dedicated hunters from across the country, and though their hunting styles may differ from one region to the next, they all share a common interest - the love of the hunt, and the burning desire to always get the last word. Meet them.

Got skills? If you feel you would make a solid addition to the team, give us a holler. We are growing our presence, and are currently adding skilled hunters to the team. You can reach us through our prostaff below. Talk to you soon.


Foster, our faithful friend who made it to age 15

Foster, our faithful friend who made it to age 15

Kwakman Calls Prostaff


Joey Moore

My name is Joey Moore, and I was born and raised in western Oklahoma, where my grandpa, Cork Ross, and dad, Charlie Moore, taught me the ways of life in the outdoors. Without them I would not be where I am today.

I spent most of my childhood life in a boat, on a farm pond catching bass with my dad, or walking the banks of the Washita river, catching catfish and sand bass with my grandpa.

It wasn't until I was about eight years old when I got into hunting, thanks to my grandpa. Bow season was my way of life after that. Once I hit high school, and met my best friend Derek Matz, waterfowling became my new way of life. I now eat, breath, and sleep waterfowl. Hunting is a hobby for me, but waterfowling is an addiction.

Besides waterfowling, I also love to spend time with my two boys, Rylan, four years old, and Rance, seven months, and my wife, Meagan. I also coach baseball in the off season. I started building lanyards for the simple reason I was tired of seeing all the imported junk that was on the market. All my lanyards are built the way they should be built - long lasting, good looking, and 100% American made. Just like Kwakman Calls. My motto is if you don't take waterfowling to the extreme, then you are not waterfowling.

Tyler Jackson

I'm Tyler Jackson from central Oklahoma, and I've been waterfowl hunting since I was able to walk on my own. My Dad and Uncle would take me duck hunting and let me shoot at the birds with my Red Ryder BB gun.

I'll hunt most anything, but waterfowl hunting is my obsession.

I've been lucky to be blessed with an amazing wife that allows me to put many hours into my addiction.

I use Kwakman calls because of the innovation and originality that goes into every call. The fact that they are the best calls on the market is just a bonus.


Randy Robinson

I currently have over 45 years of hunting experience throughout the United States and Canada, having started hunting at the age of 12 in central California for waterfowl and upland birds. Later, I was introduced to big game hunting which I have pursued for over 32 years.

Since 1990, I have guided family hunting trips to local clubs in Southern California which have included first time women and youth hunters. I have also guided hunts that were donated to Ducks Unlimited and California Waterfowl Association on private ranches throughout California. These hunts also included first time, women, and youth hunters which were often successful, and at the least, the hunting was a fun time for everyone.

In addition to waterfowl and upland bird hunting, I have guided family and friends on Rocky Mountain Elk hunts in Colorado which have resulted in success for others, as well as myself. Lastly, I have been involved in numerous self-guided rifle and archery hunts, which have successfully harvested several species of big and other game.

Over the years, I have been involved in many conservation organizations, including:

Ducks Unlimited - Southern California - Former District Chairman, Ducks Unlimited - Riverside Chapter - Former Co- Chairman, California Waterfowl Association - Inland Empire Chapter - Chairman, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation - Life member, Safari Club International - Orange County Chapter - Board Member and Member, National Rifle Association - Life Member, California Mule Deer Association - Member, Quail Unlimited - Member, and National Wild Turkey Federation - Member.

My lifetime commitment to waterfowl hunting is to encourage women and kids out of the house and into the fields and blinds so this great heritage will continue forever.

Similarly, it is Kwakman Calls rich hunting heritage and dedication to producing quality calls that interested me. Now, as part of the growing Kwakman Calls staff, their products will continue to help me help others to always get the last word. 

Danner Gonsalves

My name is Danner Gonsalves, I am 16 years old and I live in McKinleyville, California.


Ever since a young age I have loved the outdoors, but my favorite thingto do is duck hunt. I enjoy shooting ducks and geese with my dad and good friend Jeff Brock. There is nothing better than sitting in a blind and making memories with good friends. I started hunting ducks when I was 13 years old and still have the same passion for it as I did my first day in the duck blind. I love every aspect of duck hunting from calling the birds, watching the birds work my decoy spread and getting to pull the trigger. During waterfowl season I spend a lot of my time scouting birds and practicing my calling. When I am not hunting waterfowl, I am either team roping, shooting skeet or bass fishing.

I am very excited to be part of the Kwakman team and I feel fortunate to able to represent Kwakman calls. “Always get the last word.”

Andrew Olson

My name is Andrew I am from central MN, at the age of 6, my dad took me on my first duck hunt with a single shot .410. As we approached the blind my father had pointed out a flock of teal sitting up by the shoreline near our blind,  he had me belly crawl through the thick cover and advised me to take a shot had I got close enough.  As I got to the edge of the reeds I poked my head out to see them still there a mere 15 yds away . I pulled the hammer back and took aim , with the bang of my shotgun there was two ducks left belly up in the water ! I thought it can't get much better than this ! Then 10 mins later after we set up, we had two drake mallards locked up hot for our spread . As I admired the beauty of what was happening in front of me they plopped right down where they were supposed to! As I shouldered my gun they noticed me and I fired right as jumped up knocking one down at that moment I was absolutely hooked!

I mainly hunt around home and at my cabin for puddle ducks , geeseand occasional divers and turkeys, at 27 yrs old I'm now married with two kids and find myself not getting out as much as I did while growing up but nonetheless I'm thrilled the 4-6 weekends a season I get to get out and can't wait to pass the tradition on to my daughters . When I blew my first Kwakman Call is when the Sumbitch came out I fell in love with it ! I now own 11 Kwakman Calls and absolutely swear by them! A great American company with great customer service ! As part of the team I will always be getting the last word and will continue to get them in the hands of all waterfowlers.

Brandon Chiasson

I hail from a Sportsman’s Paradise, or to the rest of the world, the state of Louisiana. I have been chasing ducks and redfish in the marshes around my hometown, Houma, Louisiana, since I was a young boy. My godfather, Aaron Barrios, started bringing me hunting with him when I was eight. I do not know what I would be doing if I had not been introduced to duck hunting, and I owe my godfather the world for exposing me to a sport he also loves.

I enjoy hunting on public lands because it’s always a challenge, competing against other people, and coming out on top. When it is not duck season, I’m learning the land better, practicing calling, and everything else it takes to be a better duck hunter. Waterfowling is definitely an obsession!

I am honored that Rich has given me the opportunity to join the Kwakman Calls team. Ever since I received my first Kwakman call from a great friend, Tyler Jackson, I have become a better hunter.

I am also moving closer to one of my life’s goals - to make waterfowling my full time profession. And in the end, no matter who is hunting next to me, as long as I have a Kwakman call in hand - I always get the last word.

Kevin Storey

My name is Kevin Storey and I have been born and raised in Western Michigan. Growing up my dad and grandfathers taught me the importance of honor, respect, and ethics. I have pursued fish and game since I was a kid keeping those traits at heart.

A few years ago a good friend of mine turned me onto waterfowling. From there on out I was hooked, or more like obsessed. So know if I'm not turning wrenches at the local Harley dealer I'm doing something related to waterfowling.

I have been blessed with a very loving girlfriend who is more than supportive of my obsession. Even blowing the calls in the house is tolerated.

I ended up buying my first Kwakman call based purely on the name. After it arrived I was completely impressed with the sound and quality of the call. I have also been impressed by the customer service and the hunting heritage that everyone seems to hold. I am honored to be part of the team. I look forward to promoting the Kwakman products respectfully, honorably, and ethically. I want to help other hunters "get the last word"


Trevor Comstock

My name is Trevor Comstock and I grew up in Chino, CA.  Growing up in Chino was pretty awesome; we had hunting and fishing all around us. We'd fish all the local little ponds and run off streams during the summer, and hunt dove in the dairies and farmer fields. We had plenty of practice because the dairymen would pay us $.25 a pigeon that we shot.  It wasn't until I was 15 that i was first introduced to waterfowl hunting. My really close friend invited me on a hunt at the Colorado River with himself and his father.  Ever since then I have been hooked.

I stay somewhat local during waterfowl season. Most of the time I'm hunting our local refuges but towards the late season I usually head up North to hang out with friends and family and to hunt. Ive hunted California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.  Currently, I am a board member for two chapters of California Waterfowl Association: the Inland Empire Chapter, and the Santa Margarita River Chapter.

I get a lot of enjoyment out of introducing new hunters to the sport.  When i see their smiles it's all worth it, even if I'm not shooting and just working my dog for them.  I've run quite a few different calls and the service and warranty behind every Kwakman Call is beyond awesome!  Hope to see you guys out in the field or in the blind hammering our Kwakman Call and busting them in their lips . "Always Get the last word."

Will Schwab

My name is Will Schwab, and I am 12 years old. I live in in Orange County, CA, and have been hunting and fishing with my dad since I could walk. We have traveled all over California, and parts of Colorado, hunting pheasant, dove, quail, and my favorite of course - ducks!

I started blowing duck calls around age seven, and practice daily. Last year, I passed the hunter safety course, and got my hunting license - I love being able to shoot alongside my dad.

I also have a passion for fishing, both ocean and river. I am fortunate to live in an area where I can pursue both. Come February, you can find me on the diamond, playing my favorite sport - baseball.

My goals for the future are to succeed in school, play baseball in college, and continue hunting each and every season. During those hunts, I look forward to blowing my Kwakman calls, and "Getting the Last Word.”

Riley Wynn

My name is Riley Wynn, and I am a diehard waterfowl hunter from central Oklahoma.

I was five when my father took me on my first duck hunt. On an early December morning, I was sitting on a pond bank while my dad tossed the decoys. After settling in on the bank, we loaded our guns.

As the sun rose a few minutes later, I could hear the whistling wings of mallards as they flew overhead, and then a splash as they hit the water. My dad told me to aim at a tight group of ducks, and then said the famous words, "kill'em." A shot rang out, and four big mallards lay on the water - that is when my life long addiction started.

Ever since that morning, each winter, I strive for that same feeling - waking before the sun comes up, and traveling on the road for hours, chasing waterfowl.

Chandler Tate

My name is Chandler Tate and I am 15 years old. I live in Lake City, Arkansas.

I am a hardcore duck hunter, I hunt near the iconic cache river in the flooded rice fields. Not only am I passionate about duck hunting I also love to fish. And there ain't no better fishing than crappie fishing. But as much as I love fishing there is nothing like seeing a drake do the muscle man. Waterfowl hunting is my passion, it is my favorite thing to do. If it is duck season you can bet I'll be out in the pit. In the off season I spend my time either on the baseball field or on my four wheeler. 

And since I had the opportunity to be on the staff of the best call manufacturer in the business I jumped at the chance and am excited to be on the team.

Hunter Hughes


      My name is Hunter Hughes. By the time I turned 3 I had been on many duck and goose hunts with my dad. Ever since I have been old enough to walk I have been hunting waterfowl. I am now from central Oklahoma and I am 17 years old. I'm an avid waterfowl hunter as well as fisherman. I live to hunt ducks and geese in a field but don't get me wrong, ponds are still a blast! Anytime I can get out with my family or friends and watch them enjoy the same passion I have is a great day! I love watching the birds circle and slowly work into the zone knowing that I "Always get the last word!"